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Chicago Bulls Coaching Co-hort

Coach Pierre was invited to be a part of a unique, Chicago Bulls Coaching Co-hort experience. In partnership with the Center for Healing and Justice Through Sports (CHJS) - a national nonprofit working to provide inclusive access to sports for youth, the Chicago Bulls are offering a robust program to help youth coaches in the Chicagoland recognize how the game of basketball goes beyond wins and losses and can help children develop a sense of confidence and personal self-worth. Moreover, Coach Kyle Cummings, manager of basketball programming for the Chicago Bulls, helps lead various of the basketball skills focused workshops. In the six sessions Coach Pierre has attended, he has gained valuable on- and off-the court lessons, which he is applying during DBLP basketball training sessions and team practices.

To date, the sessions have focused on the importance of understanding how the brain receives and processes information, and how these are impacted by social, familial and economic factors. This is key in appropriately explaining different plays and game strategy so that all children can capture the information and feel empowered to contribute on the teams they play on. Another goal of the program is to highlight how sports are drastically underutilized as an intentional strategy in promoting healing, building resilience, and addressing issues of systemic injustice. The workshop also features topics around inclusive coaching for LGBTQ+, transgender, nonbinary and gender nonconforming students.

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