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Doing Basketball with Love & Patience

Doing Basketball with Love & Patience
DBLP offers in-person and virtual basketball coaching, training, and fitness services for children and young adults.

One of DBLP's pillars is to help children understand the importance of mental health and physical activity through the game of basketball and a no days off/no plays off mentality. Our holistic program features fundamental basketball drills, game-like play situations, and yoga/meditation.

Another DBLP pillar is to teach children how to transfer the skills they learn through the game of basketball - teamwork, discipline, communication, perseverance, sportsmanship, dedication, accountability - to real life as this will support them being their best self and valuable members of their communities.
Recognizing weaknesses at an early age plays a huge role in success. Turning those weaknesses into strengths is what maintains and determines long-term success.

Committing to becoming the best at anything is very time consuming and takes a lot of dedication. Through the commitment and dedication, Pierre developed his skills and, more importantly, his confidence. Through all of his hard work & preparation, Pierre fell in love with "The Five P's".

Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance.
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