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“Thanks for all you and DBLP did and will do to make Allison a better player…She has always been a tenacious defender and rebounder but Pierre you have really helped in teaching her how to score. Much appreciated my friend.”



“Thanks for being such a great role model, the impact you have on so many people is amazing”




“Professionalism, experience, patient – yet tough and challenging, availability and multiple opportunities outside of training for application”



“I just wanted to thank you the most out of everyone because you truly had the greatest impact on me. I’ve looked up to you as a role model even before we started training and i dreamed of having the type of career you had in High School and College and will be forever grateful for the amount of hours we spent in the gym together. Thank you for everything.”




"Nate had a great time with Coach Connor today. He was super happy to learn a better shooting technique. It was a major confidence booster I can see it in him already thank you son much!!"



"Coach Pierre Pierce always does a great job with my kids and they always come home knowing they learned something new"


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