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Spring Basketball Tryouts (High School)

Spring Basketball Tryouts (High School)


Who: Boys and Girls (Grades 9-10)

When: February 18th, 4:30PM - 6:00PM (Westmont Fitness Center, 424 Plaza Dr. Westmont, IL)


Cost: $25 Tryout Fee


Season Details: 

Schedule available upon request



  • Multi-Season Discounts

    Choose Your Season Package:

    Single Season Package - $900/season

    Pro Package (2 Seasons) - $800/season ($1,600 total)

    Superstar Package (3 Seasons) - $700/season ($2,100 total)

    Hall of Fame Package (Full-Year) - $600/season ($2,400 total)


    *Package any 2 or 3 seasons together. However, MUST be consecutive season, mix and match NOT allowed. (Ex: Spring & Summer, or Summer, Fall & Winter, or Winter, Spring and Summer)

  • Sibling Discount

    If you have 2 children that would like to participate on the Dblp Basketball Travel Team, please select "2 Children (10% Sibling Discount)" in the 'Participants' section. You will receive a 10% Discount on the second sibling you sign up. ($900+$810=$1,710 Total for 2 Children)


    If you have any questions, please email!

  • Trained with Dblp Discount

    If your athlete has trained with Dblp Basketball in the past, you will receive a 5% discount on your travel team purchase (Ex: Single season total cost would be $855).


    Email with any questions.

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